County Executive Bello Cuts Ribbon on new Alpine Adventure Zone at Northampton Park

July 12th, 2021

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New play area is the fourth ‘Woodlands’ playgrounds in the Monroe County Parks system.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and the Monroe County Parks Department were joined today by children and families from throughout the community to cut the ribbon on the newly construction Alpine Adventure Zone at Northampton Park in the town of Ogden.

“Our County Parks have seen a dramatic increase in usage over the last 18 months as more people want to get outside and enjoy time with family and friends in a safe and healthy way,” said County Executive Bello. “The Alpine Adventure Zone takes elements of our other popular natural playgrounds, and brings them closer to our west side Monroe County residents. This unique play area gives children the opportunity for exploration, discovery, creativity and active play, and fits in perfectly with our current layout.”

The Alpine Adventure Zone at Northampton Park is the fourth of the Woodland playgrounds in Monroe County Parks with others located at Abraham Lincoln, Highland and Seneca Park Zoo. It features tunnels, tree forts, swings and balance elements, and contains over a hundred tons of boulders and the logs that are mostly White Oak and Locust from trees that were located in various County Parks. These species of tree were chosen by the Parks staff because of their durability and rot resistance compared to other tree species.

The play area was designed and installed by staff from the Monroe County Parks Department. It provides a great opportunity for children to run, jump, climb, balance, swing and use their imaginations in ways traditional playgrounds don’t offer. Children’s ages and ability levels were considered when building the playground. Children of all ages and abilities are able to enjoy different stations within the playground.

“Outside of Springdale Farm, Northampton Park has not seen many changes in the last few decades.  As the parks team was assessing our parks and facilities last year we made a conscious decision to give this park as much attention as those more centrally located within the county,” added Parks Director Patrick Meredith. “Opportunity knocked for Northampton when we had to begin dismantling part of the Adventure Zone at Seneca Park Zoo to make room for construction activities related to the Trailside CafĂ©. So this is truly a win-win for our community.”

Northampton Park (973 acres) has hiking, bridle and cross-country ski trails, a downhill ski slope, a model airplane field, playground equipment, soccer fields, and a scout/youth camping area. The park also offers two lodges that are available for rent. Horseback riding is permitted. The park is located in the towns of Sweden and Ogden.