Statement From Monroe County Executive Adam Bello on the County Legislature Majority Passage of Local Law Setting Legislative District Boundaries

December 17th, 2021

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Tonight, Monroe County residents expressed their concern and frustration regarding the process by which the Monroe County Legislature has attempted to redraw legislative district boundaries. That process was not transparent, did not allow for meaningful public input, and did not provide adequate information to the public concerning the proposed new districts.

In addition, the Local Law, amended at the December 9, 2021 meeting of the Monroe County Legislature, was not provided to the Legislature seven days prior to the vote as the law dictates. Nevertheless, at tonight’s meeting the Legislature majority ignored legal and public concerns and passed their redistricting Local Law.

I share the public’s concerns and the legal concerns of the Legislature’s Democratic caucus regarding the redistricting process undertaken by the Legislature’s Republican majority. I will review the Local Law and hold an open and robust public hearing in January of 2022. After receiving public and legal feedback, I will take appropriate action within the 30-day period in which every Local Law receives my approval or veto.