Monroe County, City of Rochester Partner to Launch Online Vacant Property Resource Hub

April 18th, 2022

Picture of Vacant House

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Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and Rochester Mayor Malik Evans today announced a new website that provides residents, potential property owners and local municipalities with a suite of resources aimed at reducing the number of “zombie” and vacant properties in our community.

“Many residents tell me that vacant properties are among the most concerning issues they face in their neighborhoods,” said County Executive Bello. “Vacant and abandoned properties — so-called ‘zombie’ homes — are a dangerous blight on our community. This website is designed to inform and empower residents, help them keep our city, towns and villages safe and clean to improve the quality of life for everyone across Monroe County.” was created by the Monroe County Vacant Property Advisory Committee and is hosted online via funding provided by the City of Rochester.

“The Vacant Property Resource Hub will empower community residents and stakeholders to play a critical role in our efforts to reverse disinvestment, stabilize property values and strengthen neighborhoods,” said Mayor Malik D. Evans. “I want to thank County Executive Adam Bello for his commitment to bringing vitality and vibrancy to every neighborhood in Monroe County through the elimination of vacant and zombie properties. Partnerships such as this demonstrate the incredible progress we are making to create a safe, equitable and prosperous Rochester and Monroe County.”

Addressing the impact of vacant properties on our neighborhoods has been priority of County Executive Bello’s since he served as Irondequoit Town Supervisor in the mid-2010s. As County Clerk in 2016, Bello created the Monroe County Vacant and Abandoned Property Task Force and in 2021, County Executive Bello created the Monroe County Vacant Property Advisory Committee to continue improving the state of vacant properties in communities across the county.

The website offers resources to four key stakeholder groups:

  • Help for Homeowners: Provides resources for homeownership counseling, foreclosure prevention, and information about the foreclosure process.

  • Resources for Neighbors: Provides resources for maintenance grants and loan opportunities, how to identify whether property is “vacant” or a “zombie” property and the options available.

  • Purchase or Sell Property: Provides information on opportunities for vacant property homeowners, such as selling or donating vacant property to a non-for-profit.

  • Solutions for Municipalities: Clarifies the responsibilities of each municipality for vacant and zombie properties in their area and provides important tax information.