Monroe County Executive Adam Bello Issues Sweeping Executive Order to Overhaul the County Office of Probation and Community Correction

June 2nd, 2022

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The order implements recommendations from two comprehensive reviews of the department initiated after a Level 2 sex offender was found working less than 1,000 feet from a school

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Monroe County Executive Adam Bello today acted on the recommendations of two top-to-bottom reviews of the policies and procedures of the Monroe County Office of Probation and Community Correction. Bello ordered the reviews to determine why Level 2 sex offender Shadad Algaithy was allowed to work less than 1,000 feet from a school, a violation of state law.

The reports, one from independent investigator George Markert and the other from the Monroe County Office of Public Integrity (OPI), revealed inadequate training, flawed procedures and decades- old policies. Both reports offered a series of recommendations to correct these concerns.

“This comprehensive review of Monroe County’s Probation department was not done just to hold an individual or individuals responsible for the lapse in oversight of Mr. Algaithy. Rather, the goal was to hold the system responsible and ensure accountability in resolving any problems going forward,” said County Executive Bello. “Both the Markert and OPI reports revealed a lack of leadership and oversight within the department. We are taking the necessary steps ensure this never happens again.”

As a result of the reports’ findings, County Executive Bello called for a systematic action plan to implement the recommendations from both the OPI and independent report, and issued a wide- ranging executive order that includes:

  • Mandatory site visits at the place of employment for every sex offender to ensure adherence to the terms of probation;
  • Bringing in a national expert in probation policy and procedures to create of a new standard of best practices for Probation – much like the police accreditation model;
  • Immediate cross-training for all probation officers who supervise probationers in multiple specialty areas; and
  • A review of salaries and compensation for Probation and other critical response staff countywide to help fill vacancies;

On Wednesday morning, County Executive Bello accepted the resignation of the Chief Probation Director, effective immediately, and began an immediate search for a replacement. In the interim, Monroe County Public Safety Director Chief Richard Tantalo will be directly involved in the day-to-day operation of the department.

“Our community needs to have complete faith that Monroe County Probation protects the public with consistent and thorough oversight of every sex offender case under their jurisdiction. One mistake is one too many,” said Bello. “My thanks to George Markert and OPI Director Janson McNair for their unflinching and thorough review of the Department of Probation and for their solid recommendations.”

Members of the public inquiring about the status of a sex offender supervised by Monroe County can email questions to [email protected].

Investigations conducted by both the OPI and George Markert are finalized, and the reports, findings, and recommendations for each were released to the public today.

The reports can viewed at: