Monroe County Executive Adam J. Bello Delivers State Of Public Safety Address, The Second Of Four Addresses Comprising The 2024 State Of The County

June 10th, 2024

Photo of Press Conference

Announcements include expansion of the JEDS program, new 3-D Ballistics testing equipment for the Monroe County Crime Lab, new recruits in the Sheriff’s Office, and expansion of traffic safety efforts.

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Monroe County Executive Adam Bello is delivering the 2024 State of the County address this month in four parts. Each address will highlight one of the Bello Administration’s four pillars of county government. The 2024 State of the County comprises: the State of Public Health; the State of Public Safety; the State of Workforce and Economic Development; and the State of Infrastructure.

Monroe County Executive Adam J. Bello today delivered the second of four State of the County briefings, the State of Public Safety, delivered from the Greece Central School District Bus Garage.

“Public safety must be dynamic and evolve to fit the changing needs of our community. Over the last year, we have placed a laser focus on public safety, seeking solutions that modernize services and equipment, and challenging our departments to find innovative strategies to reduce crime and keep us safer,” said County Executive Bello. “My administration is committed to enhancing public safety resources, by growing and rightsizing our Sheriff's Office, expanding our successful JEDS program to include a longer intensive stabilization period, and investing in new technology like a high-tech, high-resolution 3D ballistic imaging equipment that will help our Crime Lab solve gun crimes and our school bus safety stop-arm camera program that will make our streets safer.”

Investments in the Sheriff's Office

Last year, Monroe County committed to a $7.3 million investment to modernize the Sheriff's Office. These investments included new personnel, positions, and the enhancement of cross- jurisdictional collaboration. These funds will result in:

  • A new class for the Sheriff's Office starting today with 33 recruits.
  • Enhanced coverage in the community and at the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport.
  • An additional juvenile crime investigator and a newly created countywide crime coordinator.
  • Support for the Regional Investigative Operations Center (RIOC), a real time crime center, using technology to enhance and coordinate criminal investigations across multiple jurisdictions.

Expansion of Juvenile Enhanced Diversion Stabilization (JEDS)

Expansion of JEDS

JEDS will double the length of its stabilization period from two weeks to four weeks. This is possible in part to a $1 million investment from Governor Kathy Hochul to enhance efforts that reduce juvenile crime.

The most impactful time for a young person in JEDS is during the 2 week intensive stabilization period. During this period, crime rates among young people in JEDS are greatly reduced and virtually no crimes are committed.

What is JEDS?

Recognized both by New York State and nationally, JEDS has been effective at reducing youth recidivism rates.

JEDS began in August of 2023, and under JEDS youth are given expedited court dates and law enforcement can electronically submit an information packet immediately to probation, allowing officers to engage the family the next day and start the stabilization process.

Youth connected with JEDS receive daily contact with probation, and access to additional programs and services like referrals to conflict resolution, mentorship support, family and youth counseling, and help with school.

JEDS by the Numbers

To date, more than 360 young people have participated in the JEDS.

In the 3 months prior to JEDS:

  • Youth recidivism rates were at 32.5%
  • Since JEDS implementation youth recidivism rates have dropped to 14%

2023 vehicle theft data:

  • January to June 2023 - 2743 vehicles stolen in Monroe County
  • July to December 2023 – 1765 vehicles stolen in Monroe County (5 months of JEDS)
  • A 35% decrease

Year-to-year vehicle theft data:

  • January to April 2023 – 1650 vehicles stolen in Monroe County
  • January to April 2024 – 768 vehicles stolen in Monroe County
  • A 53% decrease

New 3D Ballistics Technology

Monroe County will invest in new 3D ballistics technology, high-tech, high-resolution 3D imaging microscopes will allow examiners to use a casing, a bullet, or both to provide more data points for comparison.

Lab technicians rely on 2-dimensional images of bullet casings, technology that is a century old, and while they have been able to use this to generate leads, new technology is changing the face of ballistics testing, and we are bringing that technology to our crime lab.

Current 2D ballistics imaging is only possible if a casing is present. This new technology uses a bullet, a casing, or both to generate potential matches between illegal guns and ammunition used in crimes.

The use of this technology can assist in solving more crimes and potentially uncover leads for cold cases and investigation where shell casings were missing at the scene of the crime.

Bus Patrol and Traffic Safety

In 2023, Monroe County partnered with stop-arm enforcement technology provider BusPatrol to help ensure the safety of children boarding or disembarking school buses. BusPatrol installs camera systems on school buses that capture video of motorists who pass school buses when the red lights are flashing and the stop arms are down.

This program is open to all districts within the county and is entirely violator funded.

Thus far, the technology has been deployed in the Greece, BOCES 1, Hilton, East Irondequoit and Webster central school districts. A portion of the fines collected from the program pay BusPatrol for their equipment, while the remainder goes to the county.

County Executive Bello announced today that at his direction, the county’s portion of these funds will be reinvested in traffic safety initiatives and programs.

Through a new Monroe County Community Traffic Safety Team, comprising stakeholders from federal, state and local governments, nonprofit and faith-based organizations, neighborhood associations, local businesses and interested citizens, the county will work with the towns, villages and school districts participating in the BusPatrol program to target traffic safety concerns in their area.

County Executive Adam Bello will deliver the State of Workforce and Economic Development on Monday, June 17, 2024.