Monroe County Executive Adam Bello Delivers 2024 State Of Infrastructure Address

June 24th, 2024

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Monroe County Executive Adam Bello today delivered the final address of the four-part 2024 State of Monroe County series at the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport. Each address in the series highlighted one of the Bello Administration’s four pillars of county government: Public Health; Public Safety; Workforce and Economic Development; and Infrastructure.

Today’s address detailed significant infrastructure projects and ongoing efforts to modernize and improve the county’s infrastructure.

“As we continue to invest in and modernize our infrastructure, we are building a Monroe County that is not only more efficient and resilient, but also more equitable and connected,” said County Executive Bello. “Whether it’s the enhanced travel experience at our top-rated airport, seamless connectivity provided by our broadband initiatives, the safer, more accessible pathways created through our Active Transportation Plan, the major investments in our parks system, or strategic development of our multimodal freight infrastructure, every effort is aimed at expanding opportunity and elevating the quality of life for our entire community.”


The airport, named one of the 10 best small airports in the country by USA Today Readers’ Choice, saw over 2.6 million travelers in 2023. Ongoing terminal modernization efforts, supported by more than $18 million in New York State grant funding, include enhancements to parking, passenger pick-up and drop-off areas, dining options, and amenities. These improvements aim to maintain the airport’s top-ten status by providing a superior travel experience. Upgrades include a parking guidance system, extended canopy walkways, larger vestibules and doorways, a faster baggage system, and a renovated Veterans Area. The airport renovation project, valued at $32 million, has created 75 jobs.


Several ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects were highlighted, including:

  • Upgrades at the VanLare Water Treatment Plant: Improving mechanical, treatment, and electrical systems to ensure efficient and reliable water services.
  • Innovative Field Upgrades: MLB-required upgrades and patron improvements to enhance the fan experience and comply with league standards.
  • City Place Renovations: Modernizing and improving public spaces for better service delivery.

  • Seneca Park Zoo Tropic and Front Entry Project: Expanding and upgrading facilities to improve visitor experience and animal habitats.

  • Applied Technology Center at MCC Brighton: Creating a state-of-the-art facility to train students in advanced technology fields.

  • Genesee Valley Pump Station and Forcemain Project: Increasing sewer capacity to support URMC’s emergency room expansion.

  • County Building Upgrades: Including mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and elevator replacements to improve efficiency and safety.

In total, these initiatives represent over $400 million in investments, directly enhancing residents’ quality of life and supporting local businesses. The county has six signed Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) for these projects, ensuring on-time, high-quality results and leveraging $159,000 for pre-apprenticeship programs.


Plans for a multimodal freight infrastructure project aim to improve the movement of goods through Monroe County. Utilizing a cluster approach, the project will develop air, rail, and truck transit facilities, fostering private investment and leveraging state and federal funding. Initial feedback supports the creation of three development clusters:

  1. Airport Cluster: Starting with smart warehousing facilities and small load trucking operations to provide air cargo services for existing business needs, with a goal of diverting freight from congested East Coast airports.

  2. Trucking Cluster: Developing a one-stop shop for truck drivers to increase efficiency and reliability of shipping, including cold storage facilities for rapid cross-docking.

  3. Rail Cluster: Activating underutilized land and facilities around Eastman Business Park, supporting larger freight railways and smaller local connections, and developing electric charging infrastructure for locomotives and trucks.

This approach provides immediate benefits and leverages incremental investments for long- term development.


The Countywide Active Transportation Plan aims to enhance safety, connectivity, and transit access while promoting sustainability. New sidewalk and bike lane projects are planned, along with extensive park improvements under the Go Outside Monroe initiative.


Sidewalks play a pivotal role in creating a pedestrian-friendly environment, encouraging physical activity, and fostering a sense of community. Last summer, Monroe County committed to funding half the costs of new sidewalks installed along county roads. Previously, municipalities had to bear the full cost. Perinton was the first community to participate, with a plan to install new sidewalks along Adrich Road. Projects are underway in five additional communities, creating a total of five miles of new sidewalks along:

  • Mile Square Road in Mendon

  • West Avenue in Brockport

  • Tobey Road in Pittsford

  • Parts of Plank, Jackson, and Five Mile Line roads in Penfield

  • Gilman Road in Riga

These initiatives are designed to improve walkability and ensure safer routes for pedestrians.


Bike lanes are essential for an active transportation network. This year, Monroe County will install four centerline miles of additional bike lanes on sections of three county roads:

  • Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road in Brighton

  • Long Pond Road in Gates

  • East Ridge Road in Irondequoit


These projects aim to enhance connectivity and safety for cyclists, providing dedicated spaces for biking and encouraging more residents to choose cycling as a mode of transportation.


Monroe County is modernizing its traffic management system by connecting all 649 traffic signals to the centralized James R. Pond Regional Traffic Operations Center via wireless connectivity. This three-year project will enable remote monitoring and control of traffic flow, helping to alleviate congestion and improve safety during backups, crashes, or bad weather. Currently, 20% of traffic lights are not on the remote system, but this wireless project will connect these remaining signals, enhancing overall traffic management across the county.


To address internet access disparities, the county has signed a $4.2 million contract to provide high-speed, low-cost wireless internet to underserved areas in Rochester. Additionally, a $1.8 million grant will expand Spectrum Internet access to rural parts of the county, ensuring equitable opportunities for all residents. The new wireless service will provide 100 megabits per second to more than 6,000 customers in the city’s most distressed zip codes, with costs locked at $30/month for at least five years.


Monroe County is making significant investments in its park system through the Go Outside Monroe initiative. This initiative focuses on renovating and upgrading facilities, adding new amenities, and ensuring inclusivity and accessibility throughout the park system. Phase one of Go Outside Monroe addressed immediate repairs and renovations, while phase two is focused on adding new amenities.

Completed Projects

  • Restroom renovations throughout the park system.

  • Eight new pickleball courts in multiple parks.

  • A new playground at Powdermills Park.

  • The new Knollwood Lodge at Northampton Park.

  • A new dog park in Webster.

  • Repairs and renovations at the Roger Robach Center.

  • Inclusive playground and spray park at Ontario Beach Park, designed for accessibility and inclusion.

Ongoing and Upcoming Projects

  • A new playground at Northampton Park adjacent to Springdale Farms.

  • New wood-burning stoves in many of the lodges.

  • A new labor center at Powder Mills Park.

  • Reconstruction of Kanantota Lodge in Webster Park.

  • Renovations to the Carousel at Ontario Beach Park.

  • Construction of an ADA accessible canoe and kayak launch at Churchville Park.

  • Opening of the 23rd county park adjacent to the Lehigh Valley Park Trail railway in Henrietta.

These projects are intentionally designed to be inclusive and accessible, ensuring that residents of all ages and abilities can enjoy the park system.


In addition to facility improvements, Monroe County is also investing in the natural environment of its parks. A $200,000 multi-year grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service will fund the purchase and planting of up to 8,645 trees in Monroe County parks

over the next three years. This initiative aims to replace trees lost to the Emerald Ash Borer and diversify the park system’s canopy. The first installation of trees occurred this spring, with a second planting scheduled for the fall. This extensive tree planting effort will contribute to the ecological health and aesthetic appeal of the parks.