Zone A Weekly Crime Report

A- Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch
October 5, 2023 to November 1, 2023


CM 3rd / 1955 Empire Blvd / 23-173261

On 10-5-23 between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm, an unknown suspect keyed the victim's vehicle while they parked it in the Wegmans parking lot. Estimated damage is $1000.

GL 4th / Criminal Impersonation / Pine Brook Circle / 23-175154

On 10-07-23 between 3:00 pm and 8:30 pm, an unknown suspect stole a Bank of America Credit Card from the victim’s mailbox. Per USPS the mail was placed in her mailbox at 3:00 pm. When she went to retrieve her mail at 8:30 pm, there was none. At 8:40 pm, she received an email from Bank of America stating the card was used at various stores in Penfield. The victim declined to have the case investigated further as they did not want to pursue prosecution.

Felony DWI/AUO 1st/Resisting/OGA/Har 2nd / Empire Blvd/590 / 23-179111 & 23-179136

On 10/14/23 at 12:56 am, deputies conducted a traffic Stop on a Dodge Charger in the area of Empire Blvd and 590. The driver, Anthony D. Miller Jr. (31 yoa) was told he was under arrest, at which time Miller struck the Deputy and fled down Empire Blvd. Deputies caught Miller and charged him with Felony DWI, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation 1st, Circumventing his Interlock Device, Resisting Arrest, OGA and Harassment 2nd. Anthony is a predicate felon and is also on probation for DWI. Anthony was arraigned in Irondequoit Town Court and remanded to MCJ without bail.

PL / Target 2161 Fairport Nine Mile Point Rd / 23-180113

At 5:09 pm on 10-15-23, a man stole three lovetodream bay bed pads, a mockingbird baby carrier, and a Greco baby carrier. He is described as a white male, aged 30-40, 5’ 4” tall, weighing 150 lbs, with black hair and no facial hair. He was wearing a black and gray long sleeve top and gray sweatpants.

Loss prevention watched the male and as he walked out of the store with the items, loss prevention instructed him to stop. The man just ignored her and kept on walking. He left the location in what is believed to be a dark 4-door sedan with an unknown license plate.

PL and False Personation / Walmart 1990 Empire Blvd / 23-181160 / 23-181129

On 10-17-23 at 10:07 am, Karla Molina (29 yoa) shoplifted from Walmart. Deputies stopped her in the parking lot and she lied about her identity by giving her sister’s name. Deputies did some research and found tattoos on a prior arrest report and were able to determine her true identity. Karla was released on an Appearance Ticket for the above charges.

ID Theft 3rd / Bay Wind Assisted Living 100 Kidd Castle Way / 23-181968

The victim is a 76-year-old woman and a resident of the above home. Several of her credit cards were used on three separate dates for seven small transactions at various stores in and around the Assisted Living home. The total charged was $330.15. The victim still has possession of her cards.

Burglary 3rd / GL 3rd / CM 4th / Barr Bill Restaurant 1129 Empire Blvd / 23-181838

Between 10/17/23 at 11:30 pm and 10/18/23 at 10:58 am, two unknown suspects broke a window to gain entry into the business and stole cash. 

Burglary 3rd / PL / 1900 Empire Blvd / 23-182342

On 10/19/23 at 2:44 am, two unknown suspects entered the Red Eye Smoke Shop and stole vapes and tobacco products. 

Burglary 3rd / GL 4th / CM 3rd / Sole Connected Shoe Store 1900 Empire Blvd / 23-185700

On 10/24/2023 at 1:59 am, deputies responded to the above shoe store for the report of three males breaking into the location. They broke the window to gain access to the store. A short time later, a deputy saw the males leaving the store on foot. The Deputy gave chase and observed the males running towards a U-Haul van. The Deputy was able to catch one male and place him into custody. Two males left in the van and evaded capture. The male detained was a 17-year-old juvenile who lives in East Syracuse. The juvenile was arraigned in Family Court and ROR’d. Per the store owner, approximately $2,500 worth of assorted shoes and hats were taken. The juvenile is charged with Burglary 3rd, Criminal Mischief 3rd, and Grand Larceny 4th

GL 4th / Verizon 2157 Penfield Rd / 23-186598

On 10-25-23 at 10:41 am, a 6’ tall “younger” male, with a beard, wearing a dark-colored jacket and brown pants entered Verizon and asked to use the restroom. He was told no and loitered in the store for a bit and then grabbed three packages on the counter that were just delivered by UPS. The male ran from the store. The packages were two iPhone 15’s ($1010 each) and an Internet Router worth $350.

CPSP 3rd / Stolen Vehicle Arrest / 1400 Empire Blvd / 23-189206

On 10-28-23 at 11:01 pm, a deputy was westbound on Empire Blvd. just east of Winton Rd when he observed a male on a 2019 orange Honda motorcycle going eastbound on Empire Blvd. There were no license plates on the motorcycle and the driver was not wearing a helmet. Active 1: The deputy conducted a traffic stop and discovered that the motorcycle, with a value of $500, had been reported stolen on 10-23-23. Peter Whiting (age 18) was arrested, arraigned and ROR’d.

PL / Vehicle Larceny / Spyglass Hill, Watson Rd / Browncroft Blvd / 23-190399 / 23-190457

On 10/30/23 at approximately 9:55 pm, deputies were dispatched to Spyglass Hill for a report of someone going into vehicles. Deputies arrived at the scene and interviewed a resident who reported seeing someone going through a vehicle. The resident confronted the individual, causing them to run away. Deputies spoke to a homeowner in the area who also had their car gone through and found nothing was taken from their vehicle. A perimeter was established and a K9 track was conducted. The K9 track led towards Watson Rd. and St. Andrews Drive. A homeowner on Watson Rd. approached deputies and confirmed there was a larceny from a vehicle at that location. The Drone Unit also assisted. The description of the suspect was a heavier set man wearing dark clothing. No suspects were located. 

On 10/31/23 at approximately 12:53 am, deputies were dispatched to Browncroft Blvd. for the report of people going through vehicles. A witness stated they had video of a male being dropped off by a vehicle which was parked on the side of the house. Deputies arrived on scene confirmed nothing had been taken, but observed a suspicious vehicle leaving the area. The vehicle came back stolen and left westbound on Browncroft. Deputies attempted to pull over the vehicle, but the driver didn't stop and a brief chase happened. They followed the stolen vehicle until the deputies could no longer see the vehicle at Atlantic and University.

A few minutes later, a car rolled over on the inner loop at East Main St. Deputies went there and discovered it was the same car from Browncroft Blvd. The driver of the vehicle left the scene on foot, but it appeared they were injured because of the severity of the crash and blood at the scene. The suspect description was the same as the one from Spyglass.

PL / Walmart 1990 Brandt Point Dr / 23-191352

On 11-1-23 at 10:41 am, Brooke M. Jefferson (34 yoa) stole $279.03 in merchandise (laundry, dish soap, health and beauty items, baby clothes) by under scanning the items at self-checkout. Security took her into custody and turned over to MCSO.

Burg 3rd / GL 4th / Wegmans 2157 Penfield Rd /                                                                                       23-189456

On 10-29-23 at 12:18 pm, Tasha M. Durand (37 yoa) stole $1,043.51 worth of merchandise (groceries, sea food and Buffalo Bills merchandise) from Wegmans. Deputies stopped her in the parking lot and arrested her. Wegmans banned her in April 2023. She was released on an appearance ticket.


CM 4th / Evergreen Circle / 23-181904

CM 3rd / Evergreen Circle / 23-182059

On 10-18-23 between 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm, an unknown suspect slashed two of the victim’s tires. Another vehicle on Evergreen Circle also had two tires slashed (CR #23-181904). The suspect was captured on video and it is currently being reviewed.


CM 3rd / Arbor Creek Dr / 23-173278

On 10-5-23 at 12:30 pm, a known suspect, Thomas W Hohman (36 yoa) came to the victim’s address and was angry about a financial dispute he was in with the victim’s son. While at the above address, the suspect damaged the victim’s window, a pizza oven and patio heater. He was yelling at the victim as he complained about the son. Hohman turned himself in and was issued an appearance ticket.

GL 4th / Wegmans 3195 Monroe Ave / 23-175879

On 10-9-23 at 12:35 pm, two unknown male suspects followed the 85-year-old female victim about the store. When she turned her back, they stole her wallet with credit cards from her purse. This was all captured on the in-store camera. Credit cards were used (attempted) at an unknown Best Buy in Rochester, where the suspects attempted to charge $3779.92 in merchandise.

Burglary 3rd / PL / Wegmans 3195 Monroe Ave / 23-177336

On 10-11-23 at 6:24 pm, Taniya Moss (30 yoa) stole $384 in skin care products, cosmetics and groceries. She was apprehended by store security. Wegmans banned her for stealing on 8-23-23.

Burglary/GL / 3130 Monroe Ave. / 23-179191

On 10/14/23 at 4:30 am, deputies responded to The Magic Smoke Shop at 3130 Monroe Avenue in the Town of Pittsford for a glass break alarm. Deputies arrived on scene and found the front door smashed in by a large rock and merchandise strewn around the store and parking lot. The stolen items include Newports, vapes, knives, and other various merchandise.

At 5:51 am, B-Zone received an alarm at High End Smoke Shop at 1455 East Henrietta Road in the Town of Henrietta. The CCTV footage shows six males inside the smoke shop stealing merchandise. The males got into a stolen Kia, which was stolen out of Syracuse. Deputies located the vehicle and attempted to stop it in the area of E. Henrietta Road at Route 390. The vehicle did not comply, and a pursuit took place, which was ultimately ended for MCSO on E/B Interstate 90 at exit 41. NYSP and Ontario County continued the pursuit. The pursuit continued into Ontario County on I90 until the decision to cancel was made.

GL 4th / Wegmans 3195 Monroe Ave / 23-180848

On 10-16-23 at 9:50 pm, Marquis J Griffin (33 yoa) stole electronics, Dove products and laundry products. He was with two female suspects who were also complicit in the theft. As they exited the store, Asset Protection tried to stop them, but all three refused and dropped the property as they ran away. They separated, and upon deputies' arrival, the male individual was identified and apprehended. The female suspects were not located. Griffin was released on an Appearance Ticket for the above charge.

CM 3rd / Attempted PL / Isaac Gordon Nature Park 3450 Clover St / 23-181442

On 10-17-23 at 6:22 pm, the victim had his Tesla parked at the above location. The vehicle is equipped with cameras all around its perimeter. A male wearing a mask, black sweatshirt and jeans approached the vehicle, smashed the window with a tool, reached into the car and then fled. He stole nothing.