Zone A Weekly Crime Report

A- Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch
June 23, 2022 to June 29, 2022


GL 2nd / CM 2nd/2159 Fairport Nine Mile Point Rd./ 22-111551

On 6/26/22 at approx. 3:20 AM, deputies responded to the Chase bank for the suspect who had just broken into the drive through ATM. Unknown suspect(s) in a white pickup truck damaged the ATM and stole the money in it. The white pickup was located nearby.  The value of the destroyed ATM is $60,000. Similar case occurred in Henrietta on 6-16-22.

Burglary 2nd/Plank Rd./22-111378

On 6-25-22 at 6:35 PM a M/W around 5'10 180 pounds wearing a hat, surgical mask, black shirt, and denim shorts and appearing to be between 20-30 years old entered the attached garage which was open.  Homeowner surprised him and saw him holding her gas can.  The male fled in a Ford Focus.

GL 4th / Stolen Auto/Bay Rd./22-113920

On 6-29-22 at 10:50 pm victim had his 2012 Kia Sorento stolen by a F/W 40-50 y/o who had befriended the victim that same day.  The female stole the victim’s keys when he was not looking and then stole his vehicle.


GL 4th (Phone scam)/Robert Rd./22-113691

Victim reports that she was called by someone purporting to be an officer from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in West Virginia.  To avoid an arrest warrant she paid via telephone $4,000 in green dot cards before realizing it was a scam.


Nothing to report.


Car Larceny / GL 4 / CM 3 / Auto Stripping 2/55 Sutherland St./22-111666

On 6-26-22 at about 9:56 AM the victim went to Pittsford Sutherland High School to walk her dog.  After she parked her car it was brought to her attention that someone had broken the rear window.  The victim determined that her purse had been stolen.  A suspect was developed and detained by deputies at the bus stop in front of 3300 Monroe Ave., Pittsford.  The suspect was identified as James Russell Cooper (60 y/o), a prolific car larcenist and predicate felon.  Cooper is on parole and was remanded NB/NR.    

CPFI 2nd / PL/Schoen Place/22-112401

On 6/25/22 a man presented a check to purchase alcohol totaling $207.27.  The check was in his mother’s name and he had stated she had signed it earlier for him to buy the alcohol.

On 6/27/22 the same man returned to the store and wrote a check for a total of $252.44.  The bank was contacted and they advised the account had insufficient funds.  A search of the suspect’s name online showed that his mother, had passed away in 2021.