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Zone B Weekly Crime Report

B-Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch
January 14, 2021 to January 20, 2021


Auto Stripping 3rd/PL / 840 Lehigh Station Rd / Multiple

During the overnight hours between 01/13/21 and 01/14/21, an unknown suspect cut the catalytic converters off of seven vehicles parked at Gerber Collision. 

Auto Stripping 3rd/PL / 3495 Winton Place / 21-009572

The victim reports between 01/16/21 and 01/18/21, he left his work truck parked in the parking lot at the above location.  When the victim started the truck on Monday 01/18/21, he noticed it was louder than usual and found that the catalytic converter was cut off the vehicle.

Auto Stripping 3rd/PL / 400 Jefferson Rd / 21-009400

The victim reports between 01/15/21 and 01/18/21, an unknown suspect cut the catalytic converter off of a Ford Econoline van that was parked in front of the Amvets Thrift Store. 

GL 3rd  / East Henrietta Rd  / 21-009434

Between 01/04/20 and 01/05/21, the victim sent a large sum of money via money orders to addresses in Oklahoma and Virginia, after she was informed she was a winner of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  The caller convinced the victim to send the money to cover “associated fees” for winning the sweepstakes. 

ID Theft / Guildhall Rd / 21-010059

The victim reports on 01/19/21, she was notified that an unknown suspect used her personal information to apply for unemployment benefits through NYS Department of labor. 

GL 4th / 770 Jefferson Rd / 21-009522

On 01/18/21, Home Depot loss prevention observed a white male suspect enter the store.  The suspect loaded power tools, and other building materials on a flat cart, then proceeded to exit the store without paying for the merchandise.  Loss prevention confronted the suspect in the parking lot, at which time the suspect abandoned the cart and fled in a waiting vehicle. 

PL / 2970 West Henrietta Rd / 21-009627

On 01/18/21, two white male suspects entered Delta Sonic. The suspects went to the beer cooler and selected six cases of Budweiser beer and one case of Yuengling beer.  The suspects fled the location in a white Hyundai Elantra.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.

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