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Zone C Weekly Crime Report

C-Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch
September 10, 2020 to September 16, 2020


Grand Larceny 3rd, CM 3rd / Scottsville Rd / 20-162550

The victim reports he is the owner of the land behind the FasTrac location on Scottsville Road. The victim reports sometime between 9/3/20 and 9/10/20 an unknown suspect(s) stole (1) Rock Count Machine, (1) Ultra crane Mats and damage (1) Toto Dingo TX1000 vertical lift that were stored on the property.

Burglary. GL, ID Theft / Paul Rd / 20-162832

The victim reports on 9/10/20 at 1300hrs two males pulled up to her house driving a small unknown make and model SUV. The males made contact with the victim and offered her lawn services. The victim states she started walking her property with one of the males and lost sight of the second. The male with the victim was going over lawn services with her and occupied her time for about 20 minutes. The victim received a quote before the two males left the area. The victim states the males provided the names of Michael Taylor and Sean Jansen of Sunshine Cutting Co. with a phone number of 436-2583 (Inactive number). The males were described as being either Hispanic or light skinned black males. A short time after the males left, the victim received a call from her bank checking on suspicious card activity. The victim then noticed that her IPhone 10, wallet and multiple credit/debit cards were also missing from her purse that was located inside her house.

Burglary 3rd/PL/CM 4th / Scottsville Rd / 20-165545

Reporting person works for R.J. Schickler Jr Nursery. He reports that between 9/15/20 1300hrs and 9/15/20 1830hrs someone entered the location and stole approximately $50.00 from the cash box. Reporting person stated that for most of the day the location is not staffed, and goes on the honor system for payment.  RP stated that the front counter window is left open, with the black metal cash box/safe within reach for customers to deposit their money. It appears that the suspect entered by jumping over the front counter, and then used a metal rod from the location to pry open the money box. There are no cameras at the location. Tech work was completed.  

Grand Larceny 3rd& 4th/Stolen Vehicle / Chili Ave / 20-165610

Victim reports that on 9/15/20 at approximately 2048hrs she stopped at the Speedway gas station, and parked near the southwest corner door. The victim left her vehicle running, and the keys inside of it. When she came outside her 2015 Kia Optima was no longer there.  Inside the car was her $350.00 Michael Kors purse, Chase Bank checks, IPhone 7S, and another IPhone. The vehicle is valued at approximately $15,000.00.   The items inside the vehicle are valued at approximately $1350.00. Several minutes later the stolen vehicle was observed in the area of Rt. 386 and Stover Rd. The vehicle failed to pull over, and was traveling in excess of 100mph on Chili Ave. Approximately fifteen minutes later the vehicle was observed on Rt. 490 at Mt. Read Blvd traveling at a high rate of speed.. Video from Speedway showed an unknown person walk from the area of Nick’s Deli and get into the victim’s car.


Burglary 3rd/PL / W. Ridge Rd / 20-165233

Reporting person is employed by Kirby’s Farm Market. He reports that between 9/14/20 1800hrs and 9/15/20 0700 someone entered the unlocked tool shed at the location and stole sockets, a battery charger, and end wrenches. The value of the tools is approximately $130.00.


GL 4th/PL / Victor Lane / 20-161651

Victim reports that between 9/7/20 1200hrs and 9/8/20 1300hrs someone entered his unlocked truck and stole his wallet that was in the center console. In the wallet was his Citizens Bank credit card and debit card, as well as his license and social security card. Tech work was completed.

GL 4th/PL / Close Hollow Dr / 20-161358

Reporting person reports that between 9/7/20 2230hrs and 9/8/20 0540hrs someone entered into his wife’s unlocked car, and stole her $600.00 Tommy Hilfiger purse which contained $7.00 in cash, two credit cards, and her driver’s license.

GL 4th/PL / Victor Lane / 20-161586

Victim reports that between 9/7/20 2330hrs and 9/8/20 0515hrs someone entered her unlocked vehicle and stole her $80.00 Guess wallet, two credit cards, driver’s license, and a $45.00 diaper bag.


Nothing to report.


Petit Larceny / Butcher Rd / 20-161487

The victim reports between 9/6/20 at 1500hrs and 9/7/20 at 1000hrs an unknown suspect(s) stole a transfer pump with Honda motor from the property. The pump was located outside of a barn at the rear of the property. No canvass was conducted as the incident location is in a secluded area.

Criminal Mischief / Parma Center Rd / 20-163462

The victim reports on 9/11/20 between 0600hrs and 2145hrs an unknown suspect(s) damaged his 2012 brown Kia Optima bearing NY REG# FWT3306. The victim’s vehicle had scratches on the driver and passenger side of the vehicles. Other damage included a front passenger side dent and a cracked passenger side headlight.

Burglary 3rd/CM 4th/PL / W. Ridge Rd / 20-164629

Between 9/13/20 1800hrs and 9/14/20 0924hrs someone broke into Sullivan’s Charbroil by throwing a brick through a plexiglass window on the north side of the building. Missing was $2.00 from the tip jar, and a Metro PCS cell phone.


Nothing to report.


Petit Larceny / Fourth Section Rd / 20-161873

An employee for Wegmans reports on 9/8/20 at 2307hrs a male suspect entered the store and stole 12 packages of 6-pack Hershey candy bars and left the location without rendering payment. An unknown female suspect accompanied the male.

Criminal Mischief / Crestview Drive / 20-163287

The victim reports between 8/20/20 and 9/11/20, on multiple occasions, he has noticed small damage to a shed on his property. The victim states he uses the shed as a music studio and believes that multiple attempts to break into the location have happened. The victim states that he has noticed pry marks on the lock, and that siding was pried away from the structure at the corners of the building. The victim has recently installed security cameras and requested documentation of the incident.

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