Zone C Weekly Crime Report

C-Zone Neighborhood Crime Watch
May 26, 2022 to June 8, 2022


Larceny From Vehicle / Oaktwist Cir / 22-102459

Between 6/5/22 to 6/11/22, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle that was parked at the above location.  The suspect rummaged through the center console but took nothing from inside of the vehicle.  The suspect did take an older Troy Built pressure washer that was sitting outside near the vehicle.

Assault 2 / Reckless Endangerment / Paul Rd / 22-107509

On 2/19/22 at approximately 9:30 p.m., deputies responded to Davis Park for the report of a fight with possible shots fired. Upon arrival, the involved parties had left the scene, but witnesses report a white Nissan sedan, a dark colored SUV and a third unknown vehicle transported males and females to and from the altercation. At some point, an individual dressed in dark clothing was seen firing a shot toward Paul Rd. from what appeared to be a black rifle. There were no signs of damage to any of the surrounding property but a K9 search did locate a .223 casing in the yard between a house on Paul Rd. and the driveway to Davis Park. At approximately 10:15 p.m., police were called to Unity Hospital, where a victim was receiving treatment after having been “stabbed” in the head with an unknown object. It was soon confirmed that this incident and the fight in Davis Park were one in the same and the victim suffered a four-inch laceration to his right jaw. Victim believes he was injured by a white man, 6’1”, 270 lbs. with a buzz cut, but he could not provide any further details. The altercation is believed to be the fallout from a fight that occurred the previous day at Charlotte Beach.


Nothing to Report.


GL 3rd / Country Creek Ln / 22-100556

Victim reported that on 6/8/22 between 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., someone stole his black lunch box out of his parked vehicle. The lunch box contained $5000 in US currency. The victim states that he arrived at the above location at 8:00 a.m., in order to cut down trees. Victim arrived alongside fellow employees. Victim stated that he left his work vehicle, a 2002 Ford F350, parked in front of the above location. Victim stated that he left his vehicle unlocked, and his windows down throughout the day. Victim had put $5000 cash inside of his black lunch box, which was sitting on the passenger side seat. Victim stated that at approximately 2:00 p.m., he went to his vehicle in order to grab a drink and noticed that his lunch box was missing from his vehicle. The last time he noticed the lunch box on the passenger seat was at approximately 1:30 p.m. There was no damage to the vehicle, and nothing else was missing from the vehicle. Victim vouched for both of the employees stating he was working alongside them all day long, and they would not have been able to steal it without him noticing.


Burglary / Cambridge Rd / 22-102914

From 5/10/22/ to 6/12/22, an unknown suspect(s) pried open a rear basement door causing damage to it.  The suspects entered through the basement door into the basement.  While inside the suspects went to the main floor of the house and pried open a locked bedroom door.  The victim said that the only thing that was missing from that room was a key to the safe.  The suspect did take approximately $180-220 of cash that was located in a cabinet drawer located in the dining room. 

Larceny From Vehicle / W. Ridge Rd / 22-102346

On 6/11/22 at approximately 1:15 p.m., a white man, middle aged, with tattoos on his left arm, pulled up to the victims vehicle in a 2017 Volkswagen. The man got out of the vehicle and broke the back window of the Victim’s vehicle.  The male took $600 in cash that was in a bag along with a HP silver laptop, which is valued at $300.  The suspect got back into his vehicle and drove east on W. Ridge Rd. 

Burglary / West Ridge Rd / 22-105067

On 06/15/22 at approximately 11:22 p.m., deputies responded to the above location for a burglary alarm activation. Deputies arrived on scene and confirmed that a burglary had been committed at the location. The suspects appear to have used pry tools to remove a window from the frame and then entered the business. Security cameras captured video of the suspect vehicle and it appears related to a recent Gates burglary with a similar M.O. The suspects were seen on video entering the parking lot in a vehicle and then fleeing in that same vehicle after the alarm went off.

Grand Larceny 3rd / Peck Rd / 22-105221

Victim was notified by deputies on 6/16/22 at 5:00 a.m., that his 2007 Ford, F350 was used in the commission of a crime (CR 22-105189). It was determined that another employee had taken the truck home for the night without permission. This would not, by itself, have been an issue for victim, but the fact that the vehicle was used to commit another crime leads him to pursue criminal prosecution with respect to the now-recovered vehicle.


Burg. 2 / GL 4 / Chili Riga Ctr / 22-099459

Victim left with his caretaker for a physical therapy appointment on 6/6/22 at 4:00 p.m. When he returned around 7:00 p.m., his front door was ajar and pry marks were evident. Inside, his Gemini Stereo system and 32” LG TV were stolen. Deputies identified a neighbor with a surveillance camera and will be following up to review video.


GL 4th / Route 31 (Byrne Dairy) / 22-100567

Victim works at Byrne Dairy. She reports that on 6/8/22 at 11:35a.m. (time based on video footage) someone stole her purse that was inside her parked vehicle. Victim stated that earlier in her shift she had gone out to her car for a cigarette break, and then returned to the store. Victim stated that when she returned to her car at around 2:00 p.m., she noticed her Michael Kors purse was missing from the front passenger side floor. Victim stated she must have left her car unlocked as there was no damage or forced entry to her vehicle. Within the purse was Victim's ESL Credit/Debit card, her NYS driver’s license, and her checkbook. She checked her bank account and noticed charges she did not make using her ESL credit/debit card. The charges were as follows:

$20.80 in Rochester

$104.95 in Rochester

$14.58 in Rochester

$10.00 in Rochester

The security cameras were checked and showed what appears to be a white man exiting a red pickup truck from the passenger side. The truck was parked to the right of Victim's vehicle, and the suspect walked around Victim's car twice. The man then returned to the pickup truck. The man exited the truck again and then entered Victim's vehicle through the passenger side door and grabbed Victim's purse. He then returned to the truck and entered the vehicle from the passenger side and then left the area. No plates were captured from the security footage. The man from the truck never entered the store. An identifiable picture of the man was not able to be captured due to poor camera quality. After reviewing the security footage, an unknown female was observed shopping in the store, and after leaving walked toward the red pickup that was parked on the south side of the building. It is unknown if the female entered the truck, as the truck was only partially in view. After a short time, the red pickup drove around to the north side of the building where it parked and the male committed the larceny.

Petit Larceny / Brockport Spencerport Rd / 22-100056

On 6/7/22 at 6:00 p.m., a white man wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and black sunglasses entered Big Lots and stole a 14ft Summer Waves pool frame. He left the location in a 2004 Jaguar X Type

Petit Larceny / Brockport Spencerport Rd / 22-103727

An employee at Tractor Supply, reports that on 6/13/22 around 6:55 p.m., two white men entered the store, each selected a Champion Portable Watt Inverter, and they both exited without rendering payment. The men left the location in a white Nissan, Altima which was driven by an unknown black man. The vehicle is registered to EAN Holdings and was located on E/B Rt. 490 where it refused to stop for deputies. Both suspects are estimated to be approximately 5’10” tall with one wearing a black baseball cap, glasses, blue jeans, and a black shirt. The second man was wearing a black hoody, tan shorts and black sunglasses.

Petit Larceny / Brockport Spencerport Rd / 22-106162

Walmart Asset Protection reports that Nicole Camacho and Maria Camacho placed items into their cart as well as into reusable shopping bags. When they went through the checkout, they only scanned and paid for the items that were not already bagged. They were arrested without incident.

Criminal Mischief 4th / Brockport Spencerport Rd / 22-098885

An employee at Firestone, reports that on 6/5/22 he closed and locked a trailer, which is used to store new car tires, at the close of business. On 6/6/22 at about 2:30 a.m., deputies responded to the location for an alarm and found that the locking mechanism had been cut and the door was open. It was not clear if any property was stolen but inventory will be checked in the near future.