Vote to Name the Snow Leopard

Seneca Park Zoo Cub Cam

A message from Monroe County Executive Adam Bello: 

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to vote on a name for the Seneca Park Zoo’s five-month-old snow leopard cub! Three names have been chosen out of more than 750 submissions by the public this past summer. We are in the final phase of the name selection process for our cub and look forward to the top pick.

  1. Tashi (means “Good luck/fortune” in Tibetan)
  2. Sabu (means “snow leopard” in Tibetan)
  3. Kenji (means “strong” in Himalayan)

The little cub was hypothermic and dehydrated at birth back in April, so zoo staff made the quick decision to hand raise him. That means the cub was provided round the clock care until he recovered. 

He has progressed well and has moved out of his room in the zoo’s animal hospital to the snow leopard habitat.  

Once the team feels he is big enough and strong enough to explore the main habitat area he will make his grand appearance to all of our zoo guests.

Voting is now closed. Results will be announced soon.

Photos & Video

Snow Leopard Picture 1Snow Leopard Picture 2