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Friday, December 7th 2007

Purchasing Department

  • Comprehensive Medical and Mental Health Services for Inmates of the Monroe County Jail and Correctional Facility (opening date)
    Monroe County is soliciting proposals for COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES FOR THE INMATES OF THE OFFICE OF SHERIFF, COUNTY OF MONROE JAIL AND CORRECTIONAL FACILITY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK. Addendum # 1 issued 11/9/2007. Addendum # 2 issued 11/26/2007. Addendum # 3 issued 11/28/2007. Addendum #4 issued 12/05/2007.
  • Juvenile Mental Health Services (opening date)
    Monroe County is seeking qualified individuals/entities to provide psychological and substance abuse evaluations, including in depth family assessments and case management; triage of cases and coordination with area agencies. Forensic evaluations, training to Probation staff, coordination of referrals with the Monroe County Office of Mental Health and Center for Socio-Legal Services and court testimony as required.

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