Realty Subdivision and Development On Public Utilities

Overhead picture of subdivision.Program Goals

To minimize health risks to the public and potential environmental damage by ensuring that plans for water supply and sewage disposal for proposed developments in Monroe County meet established standards.

Legal Authority

Articles IIA and III of the Monroe County Sanitary Code, Sections 1150-1120 of the New York State Public Health Law, and Article 17, Sections 501-1515 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law.

Program Highlights

  • Review and approve plans and specifications following the latest editions of “Recommended Standards For Water Works and Wastewater Facilities” (Ten States Standards) and the 2015 MCDPH OWTS Design and Construction Standards.
  • Insure that storm waters facilities are approved by the appropriate agencies.
  • Respond to and conduct complaint investigations.
  • Issue Approvals of Completed Works for water system improvements.
  • Consult with the applicant, design engineer, county and municipal officials, the New York State Departments of Health and Environmental Conservation, and the public.
  • Perform enforcement actions pursuant to Articles IIA and III, Title I, Section 309(f) of the Public Health Law as needed.