Monroe County Participates in 'America Recycles Day'

November 12th, 2021

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On Monday, November 15, Monroe County will join with communities throughout the United States in celebrating and promoting recycling with the commemoration of America Recycles Day 2021.

“Recycling, and ultimately creating a cleaner, sustainable future, is vital to the success of Monroe County,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. “This year marks Monroe County’s bicentennial, and I want future generations to have a clean community to live, work, and play. Recycling is part of how we make that happen.”

In 2021, the annual America Recycles Day celebration takes on special significance in Monroe County. As we reflect on the last thirty years of Monroe County’s curbside recycling program - one of the oldest material recovery programs in New York State - residents should feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Each year, the amount of materials collected at the Monroe County Recycling Center has grown – in 2020, the facility processed over fifty thousand tons of paper, plastic, cans and glass.

Additionally, the Monroe County / Waste Management ecopark – a one–stop drop off for hard to recycle items – celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year. The ecopark is a model of sustainability for other communities throughout the United States.

This annual celebration of America Recycles Day emphasizes the importance of recycling while protecting our community’s natural resources and providing jobs. Recycling works because of the participation of residents. We thank and salute Monroe County citizens who have made curbside recycling their habit for the last three decades.”

America Recycles Day 2021 also recognizes the significance of using recycled materials to create new products. In the last year, prices and demand for recycling from municipal recycling programs have rebounded since 2017/2018 and are at – or close to – record highs throughout the United States and Canada.