County Executive Adam Bello Announces New Snap Benefit Hotline

November 21st, 2023

Callers can use the service to check the status of their SNAP case or application, report income changes and more. Service streamlines inquiries, allows staff to assist more clients.

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Monroe County Executive Adam Bello today announced a new 24/7 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) hotline individuals can call to check their application or case status, report income or address changes, request replacement benefit cards and more. The hotline is now operational and offers clients convenience by streamlining program inquiries with around the clock access.

“This SNAP hotline will help to ensure that people have answers to their SNAP questions promptly,” said County Executive Bello. “The new hotline will free up staff to allow for more direct communication and to better provide services to assist families in need.”

By calling the automated service at (585) 753-2740, individuals may:

  1. Check if their SNAP case is open, closed, or pending

  2. See if their SNAP paperwork has been received

  3. Reschedule SNAP appointments

  4. Report income changes or a change of address

  5. Request a benefit card

  6. Request a SNAP budget

“Long wait times can be impossible for a family in need of answers to their SNAP cases,” said Department of Human Services commissioner Thalia Wright. “This new system will allow clients to get answers faster, anytime of day or night.”

The 24/7 benefits information hotline aligns with recommendations from the Commission on Racial and Structural Equity (RASE), an organization convened in 2020 by the City of Rochester and Monroe County to review local city and county laws, policies and ordinances to identify areas of structural inequity and recommend ways to change those laws/policies to achieve fair application for all citizens. The hotline has already successful assisted hundreds of callers in the first few days of operation.