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County Clerks Announce Opposition To State Legislation Mandating Licensing of Bicycles

Thu, Mar 03 2011

Rochester Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo, Livingston County Clerk Jim Culbertson, Cayuga County Clerk Susan Dwyer and Wayne County Clerk Michael Jankowski today announced their strong opposition to proposed state legislation mandating the licensing of bicycles.


The bill, introduced in the State Assembly by Assemblyman Michael DenDekker, would mandate the licensing and inspection of all personal bicycles in New York State. A new tax in the form of a $25.00 fee would be levied on each bicycle the first year with an additional $5.00 cost per bicycle each and every year thereafter. It would cost a family of four $100 to license their bicycles along with the future costs associated with maintaining those licenses as well as requirements to have them inspected every year. In addition, there is legislation that would mandate licensing for commercial bicycles at a cost of $50.00 plus insurance costs.


“This foolish and ill-conceived legislation is simply just another Albany money grab forced upon the hardworking men and women in this state,” said Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo. “Our local Department of Motor Vehicles offices will not be put in a position to collect this outrageous tax.”


“This is an obvious attempt at a money grab by the state and is totally ridiculous,” said Livingston County Clerk Jim Culbertson.


“This legislation just proves that they just don’t get it,” said Cayuga County Clerk Sue Dwyer. “Stop creating taxes and cut spending.  Period.”


“This is an insane idea that since it was formally introduced by a sitting majority Assemblyman must be taken seriously,” said Wayne County Clerk Michael Jankowski.  “That is why we are here today to express in the clearest possible terms our opposition to such an unjustified money grab.”


Yates County Clerk Julie Betts, Ontario County Clerk Jack Cooley and Steuben County Clerk Judy Hunteralso expressed their support to join with their colleagues from the Finger Lakes Region to oppose this legislation.


The bill has been referred to the Assembly Committee on Transportation.