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Thu, Oct 10 2013

County Clerks from the Finger Lakes Region called on the Governor and the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to immediately suspend the $12.50 fee associated with displaying a Veteran status on NYS DMV issued photo documents and issue these “veteran” status amendments free of charge in recognition of the sacrifices veterans have made for their nation.


The Governor and State DMV Commissioner Barbara Fiala recently announced that honorably discharged Veterans could have their Veteran status displayed on their driver’s licenses. Unfortunately, to do so comes with a cost to the Veteran. In order to add this recognition, the Veteran must pay a $12.50 fee to amend their driver license.


Cayuga County Clerk Sue Dwyer said, “The Governor and the NYS DMV Office obviously realized this was not only going to be a popular move, but could also result in extra revenue. I believe the Governor should have ordered the State DMV to allow our DMV offices to issue a one-time no charge amendment for our Veterans.”


Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo said, “Asking our Veterans to pay to have their Veteran status placed on their license is an unnecessary fee. We already have a program for our Veterans and those currently serving our Country to receive discounts on goods and services as part of the Monroe County Veterans Discount Card Program. We produce the cards right here in the County Clerk’s Office, free of charge as it should be. The State DMV should do the same thing rather than making veterans pay for the designation and honor that they have earned.”


Yates County Clerk Julie Betts said, "I am certainly opposed to the charging an amendment fee to veterans. I am urging the Governor to direct the State DMV to waive these fees."


Livingston County Clerk James Culbertson said, "While allowing this designation on the license is a good idea, there is no reason for the Veteran to have to pay a fee. We should be allowed to process this request free of charge."


Ontario County Clerk Matthew Hoose said, "This policy of putting money first by the NYS DMV is deplorable. Instead of this program being a way to honor our veterans, it’s become an insult by making them pay for the privilege of being recognized for serving this country. The Governor should change this policy immediately."

Seneca County Clerk Christina Lotz said, "As the mother of a veteran, I am proud of the sacrifices he has made. Charging veterans for the "veterans" designation on their license is not right. These brave men and women have already paid with their service.”

Steuben County Clerk Judy Hunter said, “Veterans have served their Country honorably and should not be required to pay this fee. It should be a courtesy out of respect for them and their service.”


Wayne County Clerk Michael Jankowski said, “Not charging veterans for receiving a new Driver License with this designation is just the right thing to do.”


The Finger Lakes County Clerks are calling on State DMV Commissioner Fiala and the Governor to suspend the $12.50 fee associated with displaying a veteran status on NYS DMV issued photo documents and issue these “veteran” status amendments free of charge.