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Dinolfo Visits Residents And Businesses On Lake Ontario

Dinolfo Visits Residents And Businesses On Lake Ontario

Today, County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo visited residents and businesses along Lake Ontario on a west to east trip with stops in Hamlin, Parma, Greece, Irondequoit and Webster. Many residents expressed their concerns about high lake levels and the need for action by the International Joint Commission and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. These concerns along with the photo and video documentation will be forwarded to State and Federal officials.

“Today’s visit with residents and business owners along Monroe County’s lakefront demonstrated the need for decisive action by the International Joint Commission to reduce the level of water in Lake Ontario and for financial assistance to repair and protect shoreline property,” said Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo. “Going forward, we will continue to see damage along the shores of Lake Ontario and residents should take necessary steps to protect themselves and their property.”

Residents and businesses along the shoreline of Lake Ontario and its bays should be watchful and call 911 if a dangerous situation develops. Local fire departments are providing basement pump-outs for those impacted by flooding. Residents should also use caution around electricity if water floods or infiltrates structures.

Throughout the past several weeks, Monroe County has provided 60,000 sandbags to town governments in Monroe County and currently has 50,000 more ready to distribute. The county has access to additional sandbags that can be brought to the area quickly, if necessary. Monroe County also secured a sandbag-filling machine and deployed it to town governments to aid in their sandbag distribution efforts.

Residents seeking sandbags should contact their town to learn more about sandbag distribution. Sandbagging guidance from the US Army Corps of Engineers can be found here:

The County continues to recommend that boaters should observe a “no wake” zone within 500 feet of shore and use extreme caution when traveling on waters connected to Lake Ontario as high water has caused hazards to navigation such as sunken docks, floating logs and driftwood.

County Executive Dinolfo has directed the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management to continue monitoring this flooding event in order to respond to and document the impact of high waters along southern shore of Lake Ontario. Additionally, County Executive Dinolfo has spoken with Federal and State representatives about the need for funding for repairs to property and the shoreline as well as funding to prevent damage in the future.

Download Press Release (pdf, 118.6k)