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Dinolfo Hosts First Shared Services Meeting

Dinolfo Hosts First Shared Services Meeting

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo convened the first of a series of meetings with a Shared Services Panel comprised of town, village and school district officials in advance of the creation of a Shared Services Panel report required by the 2017 New York State Budget. Over the next month, meetings on the topic will continue as each government partner provides options and recommendations for shared services impacting their segment of government.

“Monroe County has been and will continue to be a statewide leader in the area of shared services,” said County Executive Dinolfo. “Long before any mandate appeared in the State budget, Monroe County, its municipalities, school districts and other government partners have consistently worked together to find areas creating efficiencies with taxpayer dollars by eliminating duplicative or unnecessary services and we expect that our report will demonstrate our record of success.”

Monroe County Executive Dinolfo is convening the Shared Services Panel as required by the County-Wide Shared Services Initiative established in the state budget adopted earlier this year. By August 1, 2017, the Shared Services Panel shall submit a plan to the Monroe County Legislature for review. Prior to September 15, 2017 the County Legislature may issue an advisory report. During the same time period the County Executive will seek public input and the Shared Services Panel will reconvene to adopt a plan. Additional information about the County-Wide Shared Services Initiative is available at the New York State Department of State website.