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Dinolfo Announces Mid-Year Results From Imagine Monroe

Dinolfo Announces Mid-Year Results From Imagine Monroe

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo announced mid-year results of Imagine Monroe’s private investment and job creation efforts. Since the beginning of the year, Imagine Monroe has approved 20 projects that include $207 million in private investment in Monroe County.

“We’ve seen incredible interest this year from businesses looking to locate or expand here in Monroe County as a direct result of Imagine Monroe’s reputation as a one-stop-shop for economic development,” said Dinolfo. “In addition to boosting our local economy by attracting quality development, these projects secured by a newly-invigorated Imagine Monroe have also increased the number of job opportunities for county residents.”

For 2017, projects receiving assistance through Imagine Monroe have yielded an average of 16.8 jobs per project versus 2016 where the average was 9.1 jobs per project. This represents a year to date increase of jobs per project of 84.6%.

With the addition of LadderZup, an innovative program, which trains employees and connects them with employers looking to hire, Imagine Monroe continues to expand its offerings and builds on a record of success assisting businesses in creating and retaining local jobs for local residents.

Imagine Monroe’s purpose is to actively promote, encourage, attract, and develop job opportunities in the community, by encouraging established businesses to expand locally and attracting new industries to the Monroe County area. Imagine Monroe provides assistance toward the purchase of land and construction of new facilities, the expansion of existing buildings, the purchase of new machinery and equipment, as well as the renovation of existing facilities.